7 Sisters Trail Race

May 8th, 2016

2016 Race Results


Slick rocks, muddy trail, and a dead sprint finish… what a race! Kudos to all the runners! Big thanks to all the volunteers! And much appreciated cheers from all the spectators!

2016 results are posted!

Race photos are up.

Even the local news snapped some pics.

Race merchandise available to order online!

  • There are steep hills, with sharp rocks and plenty of roots and then, when you least expect it, a ledge pops up that you need to jump off. There will be walking.

    Runner’s World
  • It was an amazing day, full of feats of strength, delicious food, and a grass-rootsy trail running community.

    Forest Hills Runners
  • The ridgeline is like a rollercoaster, but not one of those smooth modern rollercoasters. It’s more like an old wooden rollercoaster that keeps you alternating between euphoria and nausea.

    Far North Endurance


12 miles of technical, singletrack trail on an out-and-back course with over 3,500 ft. elevation gain, following the ridgecrest of the Mt Holyoke Range. It’s widely considered the most challenging trail race in the Northeast… and in our humble opinion… it has the most beautiful views.

Full Race Details

If you’re a trail runner, get ready, it’s gonna be fun!
If you’re a road runner… um… you’ll probably do okay… just try not to fall.

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